Neopuff Neonatal T-Piece Resuscitator (2024)

The F&P Neopuff delivers controlled, consistent and precise pressures – independent of operator experience.1,2

It can provide assisted respiratory breaths to neonates and infants (up to 10 kg in weight) in the delivery room (DR) or neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

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International neonatal resuscitation guidelines recommend the use of a T-piece resuscitator3-5

Compared with self-inflating and flow-inflating bags, T-piece resuscitators such as the Neopuff™ deliver a more controlled and consistent peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP),6,7 which helps protect the newborn’s lungs.

Neopuff Neonatal T-Piece Resuscitator (1)

Fig 1. PEEP: peak end-expiratory pressure.
* Pressure measurements taken from a resuscitation simulator while a self-inflating bag and F&P Healthcare Neopuff were being used by a qualified resuscitator.

Neopuff product features

21% to 100% oxygen levels

The Neopuff resuscitator can deliver oxygen levels ranging from 21% to 100% from a flow meter or blender.

PIP control and pressure relief valve

The resuscitator has a PIP control and a maximum pressure relief valve that prevents the accidental delivery of excessively high pressures.

Medical-quality manometer

Neopuff features an accurate, easy-to-read, medical-quality manometer. It can be mounted on a pole, rail, wall, infant warmer, or incubator.

Neopuff Neonatal T-Piece Resuscitator (2)

Product codes

Product codeDescriptionQuantity

Neopuff infant T-piece resuscitator

RD900F&P Neopuff infant T-piece resuscitator*1

Neopuff infant T-piece resuscitator accessories

RD020-01Silicone test lung (not autoclavable)1 each
900RD008Neopuff gas supply line 31 cm10/box
900RD009Neopuff gas supply line 2.1 m10/box
900RD101Gas inlet adapter10/box

*Suitable for use with the F&P 850 System (when delivering humidified resuscitation).

Support resources

Neopuff Neonatal T-Piece Resuscitator (3)

Neopuff setup guide

Neopuff Humidified Setup Swing Tag

(PDF 5.2MB)


Neopuff RD900 Specification Sheet

(PDF 0.0MB)


Neopuff RD900 Technical Manual

(PDF 2.0MB)


Neopuff RD900 User Instructions

(PDF 4.8MB)


Neopuff Swing Tag

(PDF 2.1MB)



This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

F&P, Neopuff and F&P 850 are trademarks of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited. For patent information, see

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Neopuff Neonatal T-Piece Resuscitator (2024)


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